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Talkie screen designs

what’s all this talk
about talkie?

Talkie is an app that lets you have the talks that really matter, when it suits you. We take the trouble out of scheduling talks by not scheduling them.

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Stop scheduling, start talking illustration
Talkie Queue

Stop scheduling,
start talking

Talkie gets rid of the classic agenda filled with blocks of appointments. Line up your talks in a queue and get to them when it suits the both of you.

The right talk

The right talk for the right time

Quickly scan through talks and decide which one to do first. We’ll connect you and give extra information about the Talkie whenever available.

The right talk for the right time illustration
Share your personal queue link to start talking illustration
Personal Link

Share your personal queue link to start talking

Sometimes finding a right time to meet takes longer than the meeting itself. Just send your personal Talkie link to the person you want to talk to. We'll connect the both of you whenever it suits you best.


Talkie was founded by a team of entrepreneurs who were becoming frustrated about the way traditional meetings are scheduled. Talkie aims to take the pain out of scheduling meetings by… not scheduling them. Instead we queue the meetings and bring the attendees together in a more natural way when they want this, not when they scheduled this.


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